Strengthening Rural Women’s Resilience and Well-Being during COVID-19

COVID-19 and the…

In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted Primary Education in Ghana. For months, primary school children stayed home without any teaching and learning support. In this suddenly new “home school environment” we designed and deployed alternative education methods for at-need primary school students in Humjibre. Samuel Akwabeng shares his experience as a parent.

Samuel Akwabeng with his wife and son, Stephen. © Pratik Tandon/GHEI

During the lockdown last year, schools in Humjibre were closed for months and due to this many students in the community were not learning. Stephen’s performance in school had been low for a few years. To build his literacy skills, he was enrolled in GHEI’s Early Childhood Literacy (ECL) Programme…

Household Toilet Construction: Improving Sanitation in Rural Ghana

Esther Nkansa with her family. © Pratik Tandon/GHEI

A year ago, Esther Nkansa and her family were challenged with the prospect of defecating openly in the community. The communal toilet they were using was extremely dirty and unusable. However, their concerns and difficulties were significantly reduced after Esther’s enrollment in…

By Jovana Savic

© Jovana Savic | Tro-tro station in Kumasi, 2017

According to Johns Hopkins University data on the 26th of March, the total confirmed corona virus cases on the African continent are 2,815. The highest number of infected people is in South Africa (709) and Egypt (456), which counts for overall 41% of total identified cases on…

Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI) is working closely in partnership with local health officials to protect Western North region’s rural communities from the impact of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19. Clement Donkor, GHEI’s Country Director explains what action we are taking in that region.

© GHEI/Lawrence Donkor | Deploying handwashing stations helps to create awareness among community members. For safety of transport workers and travellers, GHEI has deployed a handwashing station with soap and water at the Humjibre Taxi Stand.

The first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Ghana on 12th March 2020. By 22nd March, the number of confirmed cases increased to 19. After a span of another 10 days, confirmed cases dramatically increased to 195. At the time of writing, Ghana had recorded 214 total confirmed cases and…

Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI)

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