Empowering Ghana’s Next Female Leaders

In Ghana, girls and young women are faced with cultural, social, political and economic challenges that make their pathway out of poverty and into empowerment even more challenging and difficult. At GHEI, we work to improve educational opportunities for girls by helping them pursue their goals, while demonstrating to their parents and community that girls are not only worth the investment, but that they have a right to it.

To lower the education gap between boys and girls, 60% of students enrolled in GHEI’s Youth Education Program are female.

Our Youth Education Program (YEP) student, Abigail Manu Benson shares her learning experience and empowering journey at GHEI.

“I was admitted to GHEI’s YEP nearly three years ago. When I learnt the news about my enrollment, I was very happy since I knew that this was an opportunity unlike any other. Ever since that day, I have enjoyed attending classes at GHEI. In fact, if I miss a YEP class, my day seems incomplete and I feel that I have lost something valuable in life.

YEP has helped me improve my academics and has given me the confidence to believe in my abilities. As compared to my school, the classes are much more engaging and fun. The teachers provide a wider perspective on core subjects and regularly provide thorough feedback. Moreover, they are supportive and understanding, especially on days when I feel low or tired of studies.

I will be beginning my senior high school journey in a few months and I am excited for it. My time at GHEI empowered me by giving necessary knowledge and support. I am truly grateful to GHEI and I hope that they continue to empower young girls like me for years to come!”



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