GHEI brings COVID-19 Health Advice to Rural Communities in Western North Region, Ghana

Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI) is working closely in partnership with local health officials to protect Western North region’s rural communities from the impact of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19. Clement Donkor, GHEI’s Country Director explains what action we are taking in that region.

© GHEI/Lawrence Donkor | Deploying handwashing stations helps to create awareness among community members. For safety of transport workers and travellers, GHEI has deployed a handwashing station with soap and water at the Humjibre Taxi Stand.
© GHEI/Pratik Tandon | The elderly are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus as evidenced by the high number of deaths in this population group. It is therefore important that preparedness and response measures are targeted to address their needs.
© GHEI/Pratik Tandon | GHEI response team has been continually engaging with the elderly to address their specific concerns and feedback.
© GHEI/Pratik Tandon | Opening dialogue is critical. During public announcements, we invite community members to call us with their questions or concerns.
© GHEI/Pratik Tandon | GHEI’s response team member provides clear information about COVID-19 to children in a reassuring way and in words that they can understand.
© GHEI/Pratik Tandon | Informational Flyers have been pasted at key locations.
© GHEI/Pratik Tandon | GHEI’s response team member conducts public awareness announcement on COVID-19 for buyers and sellers at the market area in Humjibre village, Western North region.



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