Home learning in times of COVID-19: Experiences of a Parent

In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted Primary Education in Ghana. For months, primary school children stayed home without any teaching and learning support. In this suddenly new “home school environment” we designed and deployed alternative education methods for at-need primary school students in Humjibre. Samuel Akwabeng shares his experience as a parent.

Samuel Akwabeng with his wife and son, Stephen. © Pratik Tandon/GHEI

During the lockdown last year, schools in Humjibre were closed for months and due to this many students in the community were not learning. Stephen’s performance in school had been low for a few years. To build his literacy skills, he was enrolled in GHEI’s Early Childhood Literacy (ECL) Programme. Initially, during school closure and suspension of ECL classes, I was worried since he was not learning. However, I was very happy to see that ECL classes were held using a mobile phone. Stephen adjusted well to this new form of teaching and would eagerly look forward to the classes. I was interested in ensuring that my child continued to learn properly.

I regularly called the teachers to understand how the classes were going and what I can do to support the classes as a parent. While going to work, I willingly left my mobile phone at home so that Stephen can continue to keep learning.

After successfully graduating from the program, Stephen’s school performance has improved. I am grateful to the teachers and supporters for helping my child.

Education is important and I don’t have anything else to give to Stephen except education. GHEI’s home learning intervention during COVID-19 is inspiring. In case there is another school closure, my wife and I have decided to provide a home tutor and ensure Stephen continues to succeed.



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